Love your skin this winter

Winter brings skin damaging conditions like cold, wet weather and dry air from heaters. These all put a strain on your skin, causing chapped lips, dry and sensitive skin and damaged hair. Here are our top 9 tips to fight back.

  1. Products with vitamin E not only moisturise, but also can reverse premature ageing, lighten dark spots and help treat stretch marks.
  2. Supplement your skincare by eating fruit and vegetables that contain loads of vitamin E, such as carrots, peppers, mangos and sweet potato.
  3. Use gentle cleansers that can remove make-up and daily grime without stripping away your skin’s natural oils or irritating your already sensitive skin.
  4. Your skin is more prone to dry patches and irritation, so use a rich, nourishing cream day and night.
  5. Harsh soaps and shower gels can leave your skin dry and tight. So aside from using a good body lotion or cream, look for soaps that have built-in moisturisers.
  6. Your hair may become more dry and brittle in winter, so look for products with nourishing oils and gentle ingredients.
  7. Go Natural. Try keep the weaving, brushing and harsh hair styling to a minimum. And look for products that will add moisture – oils work best!
  8. Treat your lips to regular lip balm.
  9. If you are suffering from dry, chapped or flaky lips, exfoliate them with a little sugar mixed in with honey or olive oil. Rub gently, then wash off and apply a nourishing lip balm.


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Photography: Shavan Rahim/NMP