8 uses for cotton buds

Cotton buds are quite useful to have at home and work. Look at everything you can do with them – besides cleaning your ears, of course!

  1. Cotton buds make excellent DIY make-up brushes. Use them to apply your eyeshadow. Plus, they’re perfect to wipe away any messes, like mascara that always seems to end up on our eyelids and under our eyes.
  2. Use a cotton bud and some make-up remover or tissue oil to wipe off your make-up in the evenings before you cleanse your face.
  3. You can use a cotton bud to do nail art. Plus, a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover works perfectly to wipe away ‘mistakes’ once you’ve painted your nails.
  4. A cotton bud is the perfect size to clean your computer or laptop keyboard, because it fits in-between the keys where the dirt gets stuck. It also works well for cleaning your cellphone’s screen and buttons.
  5. Get your glasses squeaky clean with a cotton bud. It fits in all those difficult-to-reach places, like under the nose pads, around the tiny screws and between the glass and frame.
  6. The earphones you use in your ears become dirty quickly. Clean them out easily with a cotton bud – it’s the perfect size to fit inside.
  7. Keep the little ones busy with some paint and cotton buds, which they can use as small paintbrushes.
  8. Use a cotton bud for face painting. It’s the perfect size to draw lines, make dots and draw the details to transform your little one into a butterfly or superhero!


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Image: Gallo Images/Getty Images