Caring for your winter knits

Your favourite jerseys keep you toasty all winter, so return the favour by looking after them properly. How do you care for your snuggly, winter knits? First off, always check the label!

Machine wash
If the care instructions say you can machine wash go for the most gentle cool cycle possible. Remember that knits prefer to be hand washed!

Hand wash
The aggressive action of the washing machine can stretch the delicate fibres of knitwear, causing it to lose its shape. Wash by hand with baby shampoo or Woolite. This will also prevent excessive pilling.

Dry Flat
Once clean, set out to dry on a towel laid out in a dry, airy part of the house. Turn regularly so both sides dry evenly.

Ironing is not usually recommended, so to prevent any damage place a damp cloth over your knit and iron away.

Steaming is usually suggested but if you do not have a steamer spray your knit with a little water, lay a kitchen towel over and iron.

Fold don’t hang
Even those fancy padded hangers are bad for knits. They are heavy and gravity will end up getting the best of them. Fold and store in drawers rather.

Fix holes straight away
They snag easily, so prevent any holes from widening by repairing immediately. If you have a loop, use a needle to catch wool from the inside and pull through.

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Images: Shavan Rahim/NMP, Gallo Images/Getty Images