Take your selfie stick game up a notch

Don’t want to look like an idiot when you’re holding that selfie stick? Here’s how to up your game.

  • If you’re taking pics of friends and family, remember the photos will look the most natural if the tallest person – or someone in the centre of the group – holds the stick.
  • Decide on the feel you want. A fully-extended stick will capture the scenery and the background. If you’re looking for a close-up shot, keep it at half-length.
  • Don’t use your stick just for the sake of it. Sometimes just holding your phone with your extended arm will do the trick.
  • Different types of sticks have different features, such as a shutter button on the stick or a Bluetooth remote. Get familiar with your stick before you have a whole bunch of people waiting for you to say ‘cheese’. If yours has no added features, make sure you know how to set the timer on your camera phone.
  • Be considerate. Selfie sticks can be a photographer’s friend, but if you’re waving them around during a concert or in a museum, you might be messing with someone else’s enjoyment.
  • Remember, selfie sticks aren’t just for selfies. Find a cool angle and use the stick to capture your surroundings.


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Image: Gallo Images/Getty Image