Polished Edge

Transitioning between seasons doesn’t mean you have to change your entire wardrobe. There are always reliable trends that work for all seasons. This autumn we are crushing on stripes and ruffles! Here are our top tips on how to achieve an edgy look with these two key trends.

The print: Stripes
Stripes are a classic for a good reason – there are so many interesting looks you can create with this classic print. The best thing is they work great for any look – making them a winning option.

We know horizontal stripes have a bad reputation – we’ve been told countless times to stay away from them because they can make you look wider. However, the key is to consider your body shape and focus on flattering silhouettes and you’ll be good to go. So, don’t be scared to spice up your look this chilly season by adding stripes to your closet.

Tip Style your striped skirt with a plain ruffled top or switch things up and pair a striped top with a pleated skirt and ankle boots.

Finer details: Ruffles and pleats

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to part ways with all your favourite summer items. This autumn we’re definitely still wearing our ruffles and pleats! These statement pieces are not only easy to pull off but you can have lots of fun with them. They add femininity when worn as a peplum, on the sleeve, on pants, skirts or as interesting detailing. Plus, ruffles are great for your silhouette by drawing attention and giving your look dimension.

So, be a bit more edgy and add these fashion staples to your closet.