Alternative uses for baby powder


Baby powder is not just for babies. You can use it in your beauty and hygiene routine as well as in and around your home.

Use it as dry shampoo

Sprinkle a little bit of baby powder onto your comb and then run the comb through your hair from the roots. The powder absorbs oil and makes your hair look freshly washed.

Clever tricks with baby powder

Tip If you have dark hair, add cocoa powder to the baby powder to make it blend in with your hair colour.

Keep your underarms fresh

Sprinkle baby powder onto the palms of your hands and dab into the underarm area. On those extra-hot days, apply your deodorant and then dab baby powder over it.

Give yourself the faux-lash effect

Baby powder can give the illusion of longer lashes. Sprinkle a bit in a small lid or the palm of your hand. Tap a cotton bud or old mascara brush in the powder. Brush it all over your lashes before applying mascara.

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Make your make-up last longer

Use baby powder to set your make-up to make it last longer and keep it shine-free. After doing your make-up, use a powder brush to apply a small bit of baby powder under the eyes, on the forehead, chin and upper cheeks. Let it set for 5-10 minutes, then dust it off.

Make waxing less painful

Apply baby powder to the area of skin you’ll be waxing before you begin. The wax will grab the hairs better and won’t pull your skin as much.

Remove oily stains

Dab any oil-based stain with baby powder to absorb the grease before washing it.

Stop wooden floors creaking

Sprinkle a bit of baby powder between floorboards and then sweep it into the cracks. It will stop those boards from squeaking, giving you peace and quiet.

Banish ants

Baby powder is an excellent repellent for ants and many other bug-like pests. Just sprinkle a bit around your windowpanes, in the cracks on your floors, and even around your picnic blanket.

Silence squeaky shoes

Just sprinkle some baby powder in those noisy shoes.

Use it as a car freshener

Put some baby powder in a box with no lid and place it under one of the seats. It’s OK if the powder spills; it vacuums up easily and is non-toxic to your kids or pets. Replace as needed.

Clever tricks with baby powder

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Sand remover on beach days

After a day at the beach or in the sandbox, stop sand from getting in the car or house by rubbing baby powder on sandy feet, legs and hands. Then dust it off with a towel. The powder absorbs moisture, so the sand comes off easily.

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