Newborn care: 5 tips

The first few weeks of motherhood can be filled with anxiety. Here are some of the most common newborn challenges and suggestions for how to deal with them.


Problem: Your nipples pain when your baby feeds.

Do this: Hold your baby with their tummy against yours to latch correctly. Make sure your nipple, and the area around it, is in your baby’s mouth. To break the latch, put your pinky in-between their mouth and your breast.

Bottle feeding

Problem: How much to feed your baby?

Do this: Read the instructions on the packet and don’t add more or less. Preferably buy bottles with volume markings on the outside – this will ensure you measure correctly. Also keep the teat full of milk to prevent your baby from sucking air.


Problem: Bringing up milk after a feed.

Do this: Avoid over-feeding and keep your baby upright when sleeping – a good trick is to put a rolled-up towel under one end of their mattress or carrier.


Problem: Your baby cries persistently and may pull up their legs and clench their fists.

Do this: Burp them after every feed. Then, hold them flat on their tummy, over your lap, to ease discomfort. Walking around also helps. If you’re breastfeeding, cut out foods (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, onions and beans) that give off gas – it affects your baby through your milk.

Nappy rash

Problem: Your baby’s bottom looks red and sore.

Do this: Change their nappy when it’s wet or soiled and allow their bottom to air a bit. Applying a bum cream containing zinc oxide may also help. If the redness persists, speak to your clinic nurse.

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Image: Gallo images/Getty images, Freepik