Caring for your boots

With boot season on the horizon it’s time to dust off your favourites and give them a little TLC. Here’s how to take care of this winter essential.

General cleaning

The first step in keeping your boots in good condition is to make sure you always wipe them clean as soon as possible. Don’t let your boots stay dirty or damp at the bottom of your closet. Use a damp cloth to wipe them clean, then rub them dry or leave in the sun to dry if possible.

Dealing with scuffs

Leather or Leather-Look boots

Dab little baking soda onto the scuffed areas and rub lightly, using a soft cloth and warm water. When the mark is removed, wipe clean with a damp cloth and buff dry.

Suede boots

Do not wet these boots, as it will harm the fabric. Use a nail file to lightly sand off the scuff mark. For a stubborn mark, hold the boot over a steaming kettle for a minute and try sanding it again. If the fibres of the suede look a little flat afterwards, comb against the grain with an old toothbrush to revive them.

Rubber boots

Use a damp cloth and a kitchen-cleaning product such as Handy Andy. Once the mark has been removed, make sure to wipe off all excess detergent with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.


Don’t store leather boots in airtight plastic bags or boxes – leather needs to breathe and will deteriorate quicker if stored like that, while the lack of air could also cause mould.

Don’t squash your boots into a small space as they may crease or crack. Out of boot season, try stuffing your taller boots with winter tights or socks to maintain their shape.

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