5 ways to teach your child respect

Teaching children tolerance and respect can help them navigate life better.

Children are not born understanding that people are different; they learn this as they grow. As they become aware of how others are different from them, they can be taught to respect these differences.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Your child points out someone ‘looks’ different. What do you do? Be honest and don’t pretend that it doesn’t exist. Say something like ‘There are lots of ways people are different from one another. Our differences make the world more interesting.’ Make it a game and encourage your child to look for what he has in common with others instead of how he is different.
  2. Kids hear everything! So, be careful how you speak and refrain from using slang names and any type of degrading name-calling.
  3. Be proud of your culture and help your child understand his heritage and customs. Also help him understand other cultures and traditions and how all these differences make the world a melting pot of ideas.
  4. Always remind your child to treat people they way they would like to be treated – with respect and tolerance.
  5. Assure him of your love at all times. When kids feel good about themselves, they won’t feel threated by the differences of others.

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