Signs that your toddler is ready for potty training

Potty training can be stressful for parents. Here’s how to recognise when they’re ready for the potty.

Some of the signs your child might be ready for potty training are when they:

  • Are coordinated enough to walk, can pull up their own pants and can understand simple instructions.
  • Hate the feeling of a soiled nappy and displays signs of increasing independence.
  • Are interested in other’s bathroom habits.
  • Have developed control over their sphincter muscles. This means they should be able to hold their urine and release it at will.
  • Have reached a cooperative stage in their development.
  • Are urinating more at one time and having longer ‘dry’ periods so you’re changing fewer nappies.
  • Start to let you know when they’re about to go with grunts or phrases.


Images: Gallo Images/Getty Images