Here’s help to relieve colic

Colic can make baby and mommy’s life difficult. Colic is when your baby has gas in their lower abdomen and it causes pain or discomfort. Your baby will make a distressed sound, scrunch up their face, become stiff or pull their legs toward their tummy.

To relieve this gas pain, massage their tummy or try these three ‘colic holds’:

Leg pumps

Lay your baby face up on your lap with their legs toward you. Pump their legs up and down (towards you and away from you) in a bicycling motion – picture above.

Colic bends

Place your baby’s head and back against your chest. Circle your arms under their bottom and then lift your arms up. You’re basically bringing your baby’s knees up and making your baby bend at the waist. Repeat the movement. You can also try it in reverse. Hold your baby facing you, place their legs on your chest and hold their bottom close to you. Support their neck and bend your baby up towards you.

Rugby hold

Images: Gallo images/Getty images

Lay your baby stomach down on your forearm with their head supported in the palm of your hand or the crook of your arm. Rock your baby in your arms.

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