Cheat the chores

These 5 household tips and tricks will make your life easier.

  1. Use cold water to clean dairy and starch. If you use hot water to try and wash dishes caked in cheese, pasta or potato, your sponge will turn into a sticky mess.
  2. Start with the glasses and end with the dirtiest items. This way you wash the glasses in the fresh, soapy water, leaving them sparkly clean. By washing the cleaner things first, the water stays non-greasy for longer, which also helps you save water.
  3. Make your own scourer. Cut off the top and bottom of a used orange bag, gather the fabric from end to end making a bowtie shape and tie with a piece of string. Voila!
  4. Make this DIY toilet cleaner. Mix ¼ cup vinegar or baking soda with 1 cup of vinegar in the toilet bowl. Wait for 15 minutes, then scrub and flush. You’ll clean your toilet bowl in an instant.
  5. Take the fuss out of ironing. All you need is some tin foil. Place the tin foil between the ironing board and cover. Then iron as usual. You can also use a pillowcase or sheet if you do not have a cover. Simply place the tin foil down the centre of your board, place the pillowcase or sheet over the foil and iron as usual. The tin foil will cause the heat to bounce back, so you only have to iron once side.


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Image: Gallo images/Getty images