How to wean your breastfed child: 4 tips

Going back to work and needing to bottle-feed your little one? These tips may help to get your baby off the breast:

Go slow

Replace one breast-feeding with a bottle of formula or expressed breast milk. Do this over about two weeks to give your child time to adjust to the feel and taste of a bottle teat.

Time it right

Avoid stressful times, for example when your child starts crèche, is learning to walk or teething, when you’re moving home and so on.


Try partial weaning, where a caregiver bottle-feeds Baby during the day and you nurse when you’re home. Remember to breast-feed your little one before work (or you could express your milk) to prevent engorged breasts.

When weaning becomes a struggle

If you’ve tried everything to wean your child and nothing is working, maybe the time isn’t right. Have you recently gone back to work or has your child been sick? Check for any changes to his normal routine that could make weaning more difficult. Try again in a month or so – sooner or later, it will happen.

Image: Gallo images/Getty images