4 Entrepreneurial skills to teach your child


Just like you would teach your child to respect their elders, you can teach them these qualities to help them to be a successful entrepreneur one day.

1. Curiosity

Entrepreneurs are lifelong learners and are always looking for ways to improve themselves. Encourage your child to start a new hobby and pursue their interest.

2. Self-confidence

Successful entrepreneurs believe in themselves and have faith in their ideas. Encourage your child by listening to their opinions and give them opportunities to make decisions – even if it’s not what you would do. They need to make choices and learn from experience.

3. Resourcefulness

Entrepreneurs need to be resourceful and come up with solutions fast. Help and encourage your child to find solutions to challenges, whether it’s difficulty expressing themselves, making friends and so on.

4. Hard work

Entrepreneurs, irrespective how successful, get involved in the day-to-day work. Inspire independence by giving your kids chores and the responsibility to get it done.

Image: Freepik