Introducing solids

Once babies become more mobile, they need more energy from their diet.

Here’s how to make the transition to soft, solid food for a pleasant experience for you both:

  • Solids should be introduced at six months to help ensure that your baby receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals to grow into a healthy child.
  • Start off with a cereal that’s rich in iron, such as maize or rice, followed by smoothly pureed single variety fruits and vegetables. Try pumpkin, potato, pear, banana and so on.
  • Begin with one to two teaspoons and build up gradually. Allow three days between types to see whether your baby has any adverse reaction.
  • Give milk at feeding times before you feed solids and, after six months of age, solids before milk.
  • Encourage chewing at around nine months by including coarser foods such as small, visible pieces of fruit.


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Images: Gallo Images/Getty Images