5 tips to deal with personality clashes

Parenting can get tricky, especially if you and your child are as opposite as night and day.

You need alone time every day. Your toddler, however, follows you everywhere. You can’t even use the bathroom without this little bundle of energy hanging onto your ankles. If only your child could calm down a bit, right? Parenting a child with personality traits different to yours can be exhausting. These tips can help.

Focus on the positives

You’re irritated when your slow-to-warm-up child stubbornly refuses to join group activities.
Do this: Focus on their positive traits. For example, is your child a pro at people watching? Or perhaps an empathetic person?


Your child is messy, can never find their school bag and hides dirty socks under the bed. You on the other hand, can’t cook in a disorganised kitchen.
Do this: Have basic rules around the house. For example, insist that your child leaves their schoolbag on a dedicated place but also give them permission to organise their space as they please.

Celebrate your differences

Your child takes forever to finish things and you’re always finding yourself saying ‘hurry up’.
Do this: Differences are good. Can you imagine if everyone in your family were easily distracted? Your child would never remember their schoolbooks!

Don’t pigeonhole

You call your child ‘shy, ’stupid’ or ‘forgetful’ – obviously you didn’t mean it; it was in the heat of the moment.
Do this: Never label your child. It can have long-term affects, especially if it’s repeated. Instead, tell them every day that you love them.

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