City Explorer

Visiting a new city or exploring your own almost always involves taking beautiful photos of yourself and the scenery. Looking good for the pictures is important because you want to add to the beauty of the view.

Here is our guide on touring interesting surroundings in style.


When putting your look together, pick pieces that are appropriate for the activity as well as picture-perfect. Choose a more fashion-forward top instead of a basic tee.

A tank top and shorts is the universal uniform for tourists, so try to be a bit more adventurous – unless of course you want to look like a tourist!

All the walking works up a sweat. Don’t dress too warmly and carry a light cardigan or jacket for when it does get a little chilly. Tie it around your waist or across your shoulders – it is a stylish way to carry less luggage.

City Explorer2 April/May2018

Fancy footwork

With so many awesome sneakers, loafers and sandals, comfort has never looked better. Merge comfort and style by going for comfy shoes with unconventional materials, buckle details, beading, decorative zippers and embroidery!

Functional accessories

A good quality handbag is so important for fabulous days on the go. Make sure your arm candy of choice is not only beautiful but also has dividers for your different things. You need a bag big enough for all your stuff, including space spur-of-the-moment buys. But it mustn’t be too heavy or large either. A slouchy tote bag or a backpack is a great option.

Sunglasses and hats add interest to the look as well as sun protection. Look for fashionable shades with UV protection. Caps, floppy hats and fedoras will definitely add some pizazz to this look.

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