How to start a support group for women

As women, one of our greatest strengths is our natural tendency to nurture and support each other. And we can harness this incredible power to help others and be stronger together.

That’s exactly what support groups aim to do. You may think such groups are only for people trying to address a specific problem, but everyone can do with a little help. In fact, you – and your friends – could probably benefit enormously from a mother’s network. Here’s how to go about starting your own group.

  1. Decide on the purpose of your group. Is it to discuss the challenges and issues facing moms, such as how to deal with a child who doesn’t sleep, or would you meet to provide a regular play date for the kids and some valuable time out for you? What about creating a group to provide practical assistance, such as lift clubs?
  2. Decide how the group will work. How often will you meet? How will you communicate with each other? How many members do you want to have in the group? Will meetings be hosted at each other’s houses, or somewhere more communal like a church?
  3. Find suitable members. If you’ve ever joined a group like a stokvel, you know the importance of having like-minded people who can form a community. You don’t all need to be best friends, but you should like and trust each other. It’s a good idea to ask friends to suggest new members – they’re likely to introduce you to people who share similar values and backgrounds.
  4. Make sure the group works for everyone. There’s no point forming a group if you don’t meet regularly – and far more important than talking about the things you’d like to achieve, is going ahead and doing them.


Image: Gallo Images/Getty Images