How to pack a backpack properly

Your little school goers’ backpacks seem to be getting bigger and heavier every grade they go up. To help them avoid future back problems, here are our top tips on how to pack them.

  1. Start with a good backpack with all the right attributes, like wide straps. The size and weight are also important factors.
  2. Make sure your child uses both shoulder straps. Having even weight across both shoulders will lighten the load. And they won’t be twisting or bending their back to the one side.
  3. Pack their books and heaviest items first and place them closest to their back.
  4. Then pack the sharp or bulky items in a front compartment, or furthest away from their backs.
  5. Arrange books and materials so they will not roll around and move as they walk.
  6. Use a separate bag for sports clothes and gear.



Image: Gallo Images/Getty Images