Storage ideas for your home

Finding the space to keep all your (essential) extras can seem like an impossible task, but there are so many ways to store everything in its proper place.

Easy-to-make storage

Take old tomato crates and convert them into storage for towels in the bathroom or T-shirts in the bedroom. A 250ml tub of white paint and three coats should do the trick.

Storage ideas


Storage ideas


For the bathroom

Use the crate organiser explained above to store all your bathroom essentials such as towels, soap, toilet paper and shampoo. And, because you make it yourself you can customise its size, shape and colour for your space.

For the bedroom

Bedding can be bulky and inconvenient to store, especially if you have several blankets and comforter sets.

When the time comes to remove winter blankets, a cool storage idea is to place the blankets on the mattress and then put the sheets over them. This also helps make the bed more comfy.

Another great idea is to roll up your comforter set and tie it with a belt. This will take up less space.

Storage ideas

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Photography: Greg Cox. Styling: Tara Sloggett.