Childproof your phone

How to limit what kids can do on your mobile phone.

1 Built-in parental controls

Did you know that there are built-in parental controls on your smartphone? You can go into your phone’s settings and restrict certain apps or create a separate profile with only apps you’re comfortable with your child browsing. Here’s how.

• On Android

Go to settings and click on ‘users’. On some devices you may need to find the ‘general’ tab after settings, and then click on ‘users’.

• On Windows

​From the start menu view, click on ‘settings’ and scroll down to ‘kid’s corner’. Click ‘next’ after reading the description and choose the apps you don’t want your children to use. You can also control the content they see in games, apps, music and videos. Now go to ‘user accounts’ and click on ‘restricted profile’. Now you can create a profile with limited access. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

• On Blackberry

Go to settings and click on ‘security and privacy’. Then go to ‘parental controls’ and change the options accordingly.

• On iOS (Apple)

Click on ‘settings’ and go to the ‘general’ tab. Select ‘restrictions’ and choose the apps your kids may see.

2. How to restrict downloads

Google Play Store on Android phones and iTunes and the App Store on Apple devices allow you to restrict downloads of apps, games or songs. You can prevent all downloads by adding a PIN. Then you can’t start any downloads unless you know the code. Alternatively, you can restrict downloads based on ratings, explicit language, sexual content and cost. Here’s how:

• On Android (Play Store)

Open the Play Store, tap the three horizontal stripes top left to open the menu and then click ‘settings’. Once in settings, click on ‘parental controls’ and tap on ‘parental controls are off’ to create a unique PIN. Choose what you want to restrict for apps, games and music.

• On iOS (App Store and iTunes)

Click on ‘settings’ and go to the ‘general’ tab. Select ‘restrictions’ and choose the content you want to restrict.

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