The Bold & The Comfortable

With some clever styling hacks your autumn/winter wardrobe will be cosy and polished.

Dressing warmly tends to be bulky. Be cosy as well as stylish by pairing your oversized cardigan or coat with slim-fitting pieces underneath. We love styling ours with leggings, jeggings and skinny jeans. This ensures you look chic; not frumpy.

You also don’t want to layer up unnecessarily, so make sure every accessory is functional and adds to the aesthetic of your look.

The bold and the Comfortable 1 April/May2018

Everything-all-black will always be a classic but go ahead and switch it up every now and then. Got a printed blouse, coat or jersey? Pick out one colour in that print and find another item in your wardrobe that matches it – it can be a top, scarf or a pair of shoes. Keep the rest of your items in a neutral monotone, like beige, black or brown.

Another way of wearing colour stylishly is to apply the three-colour rule. Stick to no more than three colours per outfit. Look at your favourite blogger or street style post and you will notice some of their most fabulous outfits follow this rule.

Lastly, a satchel bag with an adjustable strap is both cute and handy for the girl on the go.

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