Step up your tees and shorts

You love the classic shorts-and-tee combo for its practicality and no-fuss-attitude but did you know this look is also versatile and fashionable? Let us show you cheap and quick styling tricks to take this look to the next level.

Play with your shirt

  • The best shirts to tuck in for a laid back look are those with an uneven hem or with a “tail”. Even-hemmed tops have a more prim and proper feel when tucked in.
  • For fun summer looks, knot your top in the front.


Take it into the night

Invest in a pair of tailored longer-length shorts. You can style these casual and smart casual with easy changes. Remember, a general rule of thumb is to switch to heels in the evening.


  • Wearing a longer shirt? Add a belt to cinch in your waist and pair with block heels.
  • Wear a simple camisole underneath on chilly evenings. Throw on a skinny belt for ladylike charm.

 Trend to try

Update your shorts and tee look with this burgundy and beige trend. Both of these colours look amazing on their own and complement many colours. You probably have a few beige or burgundy pieces in your cupboard. If you don’t, pop into your nearest Ackermans store and check out our beige and burgundy shorts and tees.