One top, many ways

Get the most out of your wardrobe with these simple styling tips.
You may think you need a lot of money and a large wardrobe to look good and feel fabulous every day, but that is not true! The trick is versatility – to make the most out of what you already have in your wardrobe. Smart styling plus a few completer pieces will extend your outfit options without breaking the bank.


Take a fresh look at your tops. Try to rework the same top in as many ways as possible. Like your favourite white shirt, for example. Ask yourself: ‘Can I wear it on its own? Can I tuck it in? Can I belt it? Tie it? And layer it?’

one top many ways APR/MAY body


These are items you can use to layer or accessorise to take a look to the next level. Think cardigans, scarves, jackets, belts and jewellery. Stick to neutral colours – they work with everything!

TIP Another way to extend your wardrobe is to think differently about each item. As we’ve seen above a white shirt works perfectly for casual and formal occasions and a pencil skirt isn’t just meant for work.

Photography: Jason/Heart Media. Weave artist: Mimi/@urban_mimz Maboneng, 072 684 8251. Make-up: Renata/Lustre and Prince. Styling assistant: Kyra-Moon/Lustre.