Flaunt your figure

Shapewear can help you feel as confident as you deserve! Feeling fabulous in any outfit starts with the correct foundation: a well-fitted bra and the right shapewear. These can transform your silhouette and boost your confidence.

Here are our top tips to consider when shopping for shapewear.

  1. Stick to your actual size! You may feel tempted to go for a size smaller but this will just leave you feeling constricted, uncomfortable and will create lumps and bumps in awkward places.
  2. Always do the ‘sit test’. Try sitting down in your shapewear. If it’s uncomfortable, peeps out from under your garment or rolls up, you need to look at a different size or cut.
  3. When looking for bodysuits or full-coverage shapewear, go for ones with detachable straps. This will give you the freedom to wear a variety of tops, including strapless and cold-shoulder styles.
  4. High-waisted cuts are best, since they will smooth out your torso to contour your shape and will even help remind you to correct your posture.
  5. Finally, remember to consider your bodyshape. Apple-shaped ladies, make sure there is a stomach-contouring panel. Pear-shaped women, look for options with built-in thigh panels. Rectangle-shaped ladies, go for something that gives you a waistline.

Use our bra calculator to find your perfect fit bra, click here.

Photography: Shavan Rahim/NMP