Cool hairstyles for school

We give you the lowdown on hairstyles and dos and don’ts for your little ones first day of school. This year will be a good hair year with these adorable protective styles.

T.W.A (Teeny weeny afro) 

If your little one has hair that is too short to tie up, chances are she has a teeny weeny afro or a mid-length afro. This hairstyle is allowed at most schools.

Don’t wash her afro too often, especially if she has a 4A-4C hair type as it dries up the hair strands and scalp.
Shampoo her hair once per week and co-wash (washing your hair with conditioner) once a week.

Do make sure she sleeps with her hair in bantu knots or a two-strand twist – this ensures that her hair is stretched out.

Bantu knots 

This old-school hairstyle is back with a bang and looks great on any hair length.

Do moisturise. A leave-in conditioner and hair oil will seal moisture into the twists so her hair won’t dry out.

Don’t secure the knots with a rubber band, as they can easily break hair.

Pineapple updo 

This is a great hairstyle for those with a curly hair type or to give the illusion of fuller hair.

Don’t pull her hair up too tight, as this can definitely break her hair.

Do spray a mixture of water and conditioner on her puff. The water adds hydration and the moisture from the conditioner locks it in.

Hair care & styling tips for boys

With school regulations being a little bit more lenient than they were in the past, little boys have more room to play with hair styling. Visiting a playground, you will see a variety of hairstyles from the classic chiskopto a high top with a fade. Whatever hairstyle you choose for your child, these hair care tips will keep him looking fresh all year round.

Decide on a hairstyle that fits his lifestyle and the nature of his hair.

If Junior is an avid swimmer then perhaps dreadlocks aren’t the best look for him, as the chlorine in pools can dry out his hair.

If the hair in the middle of his head tends to grow longer than the rest of his hair, consider a high top or a mohawk.

Co-wash over shampooing 80% of the time.

Shampoo is so drying on ethnic hair and even more so on short ethnic hair.  So you definitely want to co-wash his hair regularly. We love BLM conditioner*.

Give his hair and scalp a little love everyday.

Boys’ hair needs hair food, conditioning and love just like your hair.  Also, his scalp is more exposed to harsh elements like the sun, pollution and wind, so it needs to be oiled up at least once a week. Try Easy Waves Coconut Hair food*.

*Available at selected stores.

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