How to get the day-to-night- look with make-up

Change your make-up game with these easy steps to take your look from day to night for under R60!


Ensure your skin is properly hydrated before applying any make-up. Apply a thin layer of moisturiser to smoothen your skin. This will also help your make-up last throughout the day and give a seamless finish.


Evenly apply foundation to your entire face, blending it with a blending sponge or brush for proper coverage. Next, apply concealer under your eyes. Choose a colour that is two shades lighter than your foundation to lighten any discoloration and to minimise dark circles under your eyes. Blend it well.


Apply an elegant bronze shade over your entire eyelid. A single metallic shade is great for during the day. It gives just the right amount of shimmer without overpowering your look.


Choose a warm nude shade of lipstick to achieve a subtle daytime feel. Always remember, if you are lighter in complexation, a peachier nude tone will suit you best. For darker skin tones, opt for nude lipsticks in brown shades.


Pick a pop of colour to brighten up your fingernails. Lavender is a trending colour for spring 2019!


Build on your daytime eye make-up. Re-apply the lighter bronze shade on your entire eyelid. Then, starting at the brow bone, apply a medium shade concentrating on the crease of your eye. Finish off with a darker shade by applying it to the outer corners of your lids.

Tip: The trick to achieving the perfect smokey eye is to blend, blend and blend some more!

Apply a single layer of mascara to the bottom and top of your eyelashes and some eyeliner for a shouldering finish.


Choose a daring red lip colour that suits your skin tone.

Tip: We show you how to choose the right shade for your skin tone to make your teeth appear whiter.


Be bold and match your nails to your lips. Did someone say Lady in Red?!


Photographer;  Shavan Rahim/NMP

Make up artist;  Stacy Robin/PVT

Model; Latoya Nel/Grace